Bringing #NWIndiana Business into the 21st Century

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Years ago, there was a song that included these lyrics, “Signs, signs, everywhere are signs.

Social media appears to reflect those lyrics. . People are inundated with the many social media signs in their efforts to be part of this 21st Century of connecting, growing, learning and sharing. Folks here in Northwest Indiana are no exception to all that busyness or what some may even all craziness.

Yet what would happen if there could be one local resource that delivered not only quality information to eliminate some of those many social media signs, but helped to ease all that busyness? Enter Northwest Indiana Social Media with the simple and unified goal to bring #NWIndiana business community into the 21st Century.
NWiSM Resource Blog – Recognizing there is a need to provide practical business knowledge within the environment of social media, this blog is dedicated to filling the current gap within #NWIndiana. By uniting the collaborative efforts of recognized local business experts within key business topics or areas of interest, readers will expand their business acumen from these different perspectives.
About NWiSM – Taking action is how this NWISM began and will continue to grow. Through the efforts of those involved in NWI Tweet Ups and through ongoing social media and business to business networking interactions, a group of committed business professionals decided to take action. With so much information and so little time, the NWISM professionals decided to unite and collaborate together to support other like minded business owners and professionals who are seeking a trusted resource as to how to grow their businesses, expand their market presence in the 21st Century.
Contributors -Please take a moment to read about those who contribute to NWISM. Each one not only contributes to the thought leadership of the blog but they also show how Social Media & Internet Marketing in their daily lives. It’s worth the read.